If you have EU customers, you have to be

If you have EU customers, you have to be GDPR compliant_

Data privacy & cookies_

According to a Deloitte study, 27% of cookies placed across websites are for tracking and advertising purposes. Simply deploying a cookie management solution is not enough. You need to ensure your tracking is in sync with user preferences. While most websites offer a cookie banner, 55% of websites do not offer the possibility to proactively tailor consent settings.

Braidr can offer consultancy and solutions to ensure you are compliant and best prepared for a cookieless future.


Our simple, four-step approach_

1. Define your policy

Data governance: Understand where your customers are in the world and what privacy laws your data strategy needs to consider.

2. Select a partner

Data privacy: Select a cookie consent management platform that can help you achieve compliance. Cookiebot or OneTrust are great examples.

3. Orchestrate

Tag management: Your tags need to be categorized according to the management platform rules, then each category triggered in sync with user consent.

4. Mitigate

Next-gen tracking: Implement the latest conversion tracking solutions (API based, server-side) to ensure your advertising is not entirely reliant on cookie-based tags.

Helping you navigate the data blind spots_

Vendor selection expertise_

There are numerous options for a Consent Management Platform (CMP), each with their own onboarding documentation. Braidr offers expertise and experience in CMP evaluation and vendor selection to ensure your solution is correctly configured to capture your users' preferences, regardless of where in the world they may be.

Sync implementation_

In many instances, consent management platform implementations miss the mark on syncing tag deployment with user preferences. Our specialists will guide you through the process of categorizing the cookies present on your website and getting everything ready for orchestration. They will assess every tag in your tag manager and add additional triggers that mirror users' consent, ensuring full compliance.

Data loss mitigation_

Post cookie policy implementation, you may experience an impact on your ability to advertise - loss of volume for your remarketing pools, sparser conversion tracking, less efficient ad personalization or less efficient bid strategy activation. Our experts can help you navigate these challenges by deploying solutions to increase consent (working with your UX team to increase acceptance rates) or decrease reliance on pixel tracking solutions (API/Server-side tracking).


Your new Chief Data Officer_

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