Badly managed data can destroy your

Badly managed data can destroy your business. Well managed data will destroy your competition_

Hi, we're Braidr – your new Chief Data Officer. We model, protect, and unlock the potential of all of your marketing data. The upshot? No regulatory risks, no question mark around your marketing numbers, and data at your fingertips to make smart business decisions at every turn.

Businesses of all sizes in every sector are capturing unprecedented and exponential quantities of customer data across all systems. It's a big responsibility, and an even bigger opportunity.

Our data & analytics agency works with start-ups who think big, and big companies who think like start-ups. Since you're here reading this, you probably qualify.


You are in the data business_


10 years ago, all businesses had to adapt to viewing themselves as a technology business. The paradigm has shifted again. Every business is now a data business. And every marketer is now a data practitioner.

From GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation, to a post-cookie future, getting your data strategy right could be the difference between business survival and exponential growth. We already work with some of the world’s leading brands to transform data into a competitive advantage, what can we do for you?


Delivering data & analytics consultancy for a privacy-first, post-cookie world_*

*If you do know what this means, you know you need to talk to us. And if you don't know what this means, you really need to talk to us.

GA4 Implementation

Act now to protect your data reporting by transitioning to Google Analytics 4. GA Universal will sunset on July 1st, 2023, and all historical data will be deleted 6 months after that.

Modern Data Stack

Future-proof your data infrastructure by harnessing the power of cloud BI and modern ETL technology.

Post-Cookie Future

Prepare for the loss of third-party cookies through customer data collation and post-cookie tech tools implementation.

First-Party Data

Implement a robust first-party data strategy that will deliver more relevant experiences for your customers in a post-cookie world.

Data Analytics

Deploy a measurement framework that enables insight and turns your web/app/business analytics into digital currency.

Data Attribution

Evaluate channel impact and make investment decisions based on your business KPIs, driven by your own attribution model.

Data Governance

Respond to a rising business imperative by protecting, processing, and managing data in a secure and compliant manner.

Data solutions
by marketers.
For marketers_

Braidr is a next generation marketing technology company, transforming data into business growth. Born on the front line with a sharp focus on the bottom line, Braidr comprises a smart team of marketers, strategists, analysts, and engineers who know how to transform your marketing data into growth currency.

From integrating all data into a single source of truth to complex machine-learning applications, Braidr agency weaves disparate data strands into powerful decision-making assets. Revolutionizing your marketing returns, transforming your customers' experiences, and delivering on your data compliance responsibilities, it is clear to us - and our customers - that this approach is changing so much more than marketing.


Discover our data and analytics services_

Data Strategy

Plan for a future that puts data at the heart of all digital marketing decision-making_

Getting your data strategy right can be the difference between success and failure. We can help you achieve business success through the implementation of a clear strategic data vision and a detailed understanding of all of the connecting parts that will bring your data to life. Braidr can assist you with:

  • Data-driven strategic planning
  • Data governance
  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Marketing technology
  • Measurement frameworks
Data Architecture

Build a marketing framework that embraces flexibility, speed, and accuracy within a robust tech structure_

Data architecture is the foundation of any data strategy. Built from a set of principles that are made out of specific strategies, rules, models, and guidelines, robust data architecture shows your company's infrastructure how data is acquired, transported, stored, queried, and secured. Braidr can assist you with:

  • Website & app tracking
  • Automated reporting & dashboards
  • Privacy management
  • First-party data solutions
  • Customer data platforms
  • Marketing technology implementation
  • Marketing automation
Data Analytics

Turn your data into digital currency through the insight and analysis your business needs_

If you want an edge over the competition, then ensuring your data solutions are firing on all cylinders is intrinsic to success. Collecting, connecting, analyzing and the modelling of data goes beyond technology and human smarts. It turns your valuable data into digital currency.

As a data-first business, we know the potential value of untapped data is huge. Braidr can assist you with:

  • GA4 implementation
  • Web and product analytics
  • Implementation and management
  • Tag management
  • Data visualization
Data Science

If content is King, then data is Emperor. Convert the assets you already own into powerful results_

Data is an asset you already own. Our data scientists are experts at wrangling gold mines of information and Big Data to spot trends and patterns that can transform business performance by facilitating smarter decision-making. We will enhance your problem-solving capabilities so you can focus on business growth. Braidr data & analytics agency can assist you with:

  • Data modelling
  • Social media mining
  • Data segmentation
  • Data-driven attribution
  • Marketing & competitor intelligence
  • Statistical forecasting & predictive modelling

Supercharge your returns_

Whether you require a martech team as a managed service or have a specific project requirement, Braidr will help to turn your data into digital currency - from raw data to complex solutions; from cost-effective deployment to full system integration.

Every Braidr client is assigned a Data Strategist - your own data architect - who will create the data solutions that best suit your business needs, empowering you to take ownership of the dataverse and to supercharge your returns.

First-hand exposure to digital marketing challenges; creating solutions that make an instrumental difference to businesses.
From retail and travel to professional services; experience across a multitude of industries globally.
Solved problems and set over 250 businesses on a path to success.
Fully versed and compliant GDPR; and a Google Analytics partner.
Recognized for expertise in data innovation, performance, and culture.
New product success prediction modelling with a large ecommerce retailer
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Advanced customer data segmentation for Bonmarché
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Elevated measurement through UX insights for Telehouse
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Put insight behind every marketing decision_
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