Data science services help companies get

Data science services help companies get business clarity through data. Don't guess the future; predict it.

We create solutions for your company’s critical data challenges_

Data is an asset you already own. Our data science services has helped clients generate millions in incremental revenue through the application of data science models, AI, and advanced data analytics.

We deliver insights that are digestible, focused, and actionable, to amplify business performance.

Supporting and delivering corporate data science consultancy and initiatives across a range of sectors_

Data Modelling
Our expert data scientists build, fine-tune, deploy, and launch solutions ranging from simple forecasts to reinforcement learning systems. We do more than just predict things. We develop models that reveal insight and feed action.
Customer Experience & Analytics
Off-the-shelf customer analytics platforms will only take you so far. Braidr’s data science consultants can reimagine your first-party, CRM, and web analytics data to help you deliver experiences that keep customers returning, again and again.
AI-Powered Audience & Competitor Research
Audience and competitor insights are business gold dust. Our data science agency source and analyse data from all over the internet - forums, social media sites, public databases, and more. We mix it with your internal data to provide you with new levels of insight. Our team does what audience analysis tools can’t - scale with specificity.

Data Modelling_

The application of machine learning to accomplish many tasks and to solve complex problems has increased substantially in enterprise data analytics.

Braidr data science agency builds data-driven models that are effective at analysing information, making predictions, providing actionable insights, and growing performance.

Harness the power of AI to unlock rich audience insights from social media channels, websites, chatbots, emails, reviews and even physical documents.

Examples of natural language processing include:
  • Entity recognition Leverage state-of-the-art natural language models to recognize the most relevant named entities that relate to your brand and product.
  • Topic detection Distil abstract themes from individual messages and posts to distil millions of textual data points into actionable topics and themes.
  • Consumer Sentiment Analysis Make instant health checks of public opinion about your brand, and your competitors’ brand, to discover actionable product and brand insights.
  • Semantic search Find other similar documents based on the meaning behind words rather than just the words themselves.
  • Exploratory analysis Get data-driven answers to plain-language questions.
Use advanced statistics to model future sales and demand for your product or services and make solid predictions about future outcomes.
Flag near real-time irregularities in your marketing data so you can react to problems before it’s too late.
Apply unsupervised machine learning techniques to make sense of raw data by uncovering its underlying structure and clustering into related themes.
Rapidly design, build, and deploy innovative and custom solutions built upon state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to move your organisation faster towards its goals.
Improve retention and online revenue by providing personalised upsell and cross-sell recommendations to existing customers.
Adapt to your changing customer journeys by interrogating their path to purchase and how it evolves over time.

Customer Experience/Analytics_

Improve your understanding of customer behaviour to drive better business outcomes from their experiences.

Our data science services help you to understand who your customers are, what they want, and how they behave so you can deliver experiences that will encourage them to convert and return.

Reach new levels of success through the application of machine learning to your web and e-commerce data; predicting which SKUs are more likely to turn a profit.
Make your proposition and experience more targeted, relevant, and profitable by clustering your customer data to reveal segmentations you can apply to creative strategy.
Predict the customer lifetime value from the moment a customer is first acquired by revealing characteristics of customers across a range of segments.
Predict customer churn through behaviour analysis to identify which customers are in danger of churning and how you can retain them.
Fine-tune your marketing spend by leveraging first-party data to identify which steps along an omnichannel customer journey increase the likelihood of a customer converting through:
  • Multi-touch attribution. Determine how much each marketing channel, campaign, or ad contributes to a sale or lead.
  • Marketing mix modelling. Predict the ROI impact of future marketing actions on sales or leads.

AI-Powered Audience & Competitor Research_

With AI, almost anything can be quantified as data. We specially curate our data sources based on your needs so we can abstract meaningful insights that answer your briefs.

Braidr data science agency thinks creatively about the type of insight that would really make a difference and focus on a clearly defined data signal that is actionable, relevant, and will deliver results.

Here are some examples of how we help CMOs deliver their core marketing objectives:

Stay ahead of the competition through the quantification of your share-of-voice compared to competitors, and learn from what they’re doing.
Stay ahead of customer desires by predicting which trends to capitalise on and which to divert budget away from.
Create a marketing strategy from solid research built around your target audiences’ interests and behaviours.
Learn how the public talks about you and your competitors by tuning into active conversations around your reputation.
Power up your influencer marketing by using data to long-list potential influencers that match your target audience, segmented by engagement ability and budget tiers.
Make instant health checks of public opinion about your brand and your competitors’ brand to discover actionable product and brand insights.
Employ audience data to create engaging content.

Technologies we work with_

Cloud Computing Platforms/ Frameworks
Machine Learning Frameworks
NLP Frameworks
First-hand exposure to digital marketing challenges; creating solutions that make an instrumental difference to businesses.
From retail and travel to professional services; experience across a multitude of industries globally.
Solved problems and set over 250 businesses on a path to success.
Fully versed and compliant GDPR; and a Google Analytics partner.
Recognized for expertise in data innovation, performance, and culture.
New product success prediction modelling with a large ecommerce retailer
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Advanced customer data segmentation for Bonmarché
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Elevated measurement through UX insights for Telehouse
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Put insight behind every marketing decision_
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